The downturn in tech employee satisfaction in 2023 is attributed to several factors. Key among these are widespread layoffs, challenging job market conditions, and the shift back to office mandates. The industry is experiencing heightened job insecurity with prolonged job hunts and increased competition for roles. Additionally, the transition from remote to office-based work is causing discontent among employees who prefer the flexibility of remote work. Read the full article here!

The EU’s new data rule lets vehicle owners ask manufacturers to share their data with insurance. This potentially change auto insurance by tailoring coverage to driving behavior and safety systems. It enables real-time accident evaluations and novel services. This industry-wide data interchange requires a legal framework to establish and secure. Read the full article here!

CertSIGN, a prominent Romanian electronic signature provider, was hacked, highlighting the necessity of cybersecurity. The Authority for the Digitalization of Romania (ADR) temporarily suspended services due to this event, highlighting the vulnerability of vital digital infrastructure to such threats. ADR’s platforms were not directly compromised, but CertSIGN-certified services were affected, underlining the need for strong digital security to secure sensitive citizen and entity data. This event reminds institutions and individuals to consider digital security. Read the full article here!

YouTube launched the News Center to assist users find trustworthy news and prevent false information. It features a curated selection of news channels, fact-checking labels, and detailed source information. This initiative is part of YouTube’s broader effort to ensure credible and accurate content, addressing growing concerns about fake news and misinformation on digital platforms. Read the full article here!

Even as AI grows, human-driven writing and marketing jobs are in demand. This spike, led by a 28.7% increase in copy typing and a 24.1% increase in search engine marketing, shows the value of human ingenuity and nuance in content generation. While advanced, AI hasn’t replaced the human touch in several industries, increasing professions that require creativity and expression. Read the full article here!

The rise of AI chatbots offering real-time, personalized assistance for coding challenges has shifted the developer support landscape. Platforms like Stack Overflow, previously a go-to for developer queries, face challenges adapting to this new paradigm where AI tools provide instant, precise solutions, making traditional forums less relevant. This shift has contributed to Stack Overflow’s decision to reduce its staff by 28%. Read the full article here!

This tax change could reduce disposable income for high-earning IT professionals and increase operational costs for IT companies, potentially affecting talent retention and competitiveness in the sector. Read the full article here!

After 24 years at Bethesda, Pete Hines is leaving as publishing head and senior VP. Bethesda’s space-based action role-playing game Starfield launched well, prompting his resignation. After leaving the organization, Hines plans to pursue personal interests and enjoy life. Read the full article here!

LinkedIn Recruiter has introduced AI-based enhancements like recommended matches, generative AI tools, real-time project insights, AI-assisted messaging, and more to streamline talent acquisition. These features aim to improve efficiency and save time in the recruitment process. Read the full article here!

The controversy revolves around suspicions that Disney’s promotional poster for the second season of Loki on Disney Plus used an AI-generated stock image in the background. Illustrator Katria Raden pointed out elements in the poster that appeared to be typical artifacts of AI image generation, and some online investigators found similarities between the Loki artwork and a stock image on Shutterstock, which was flagged as AI-generated by image checkers.  Read the full article here! is Romania’s first data hub designed for marketing professionals, that offers a wide range of resources, real-time data exploration, case studies, report examples, articles, and a data dictionary to clarify specific terminology. The platform provides access to critical information for data-driven business decisions, making it a valuable resource for marketing professionals in Romania. Read the full article here!

A 100% recycled aluminum casing and a new quad-core CPU make the Pixel Watch 2 lighter and more powerful. Even with the always-on display, it has a 24-hour battery life and fast charging. Three new sensors for greater health insights, Heart Rate Zone Coaching and Pace Training for fitness goals, Medical ID and Emergency Sharing, and Wear OS 4 with new apps and functions are on the watch. It syncs with Fitbit and other Pixel devices for a complete health picture. Read the full article here!

The Fitbit Charge 6 fitness tracker offers enhanced heart rate monitoring accuracy, connectivity with fitness equipment and apps, detailed sports and fitness tracking, integration with YouTube Music, Google Maps, and Google Wallet, and advanced health and well-being features like oxygen saturation tracking, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, sleep quality monitoring, and stress level assessment. A six-month Fitbit Premium subscription for workouts and mindfulness is included. It supports most Android and iOS devices and comes in three colors. Read the full article here!

IBM’s CEO, Arvind Krishna, stated that AI won’t cause widespread layoffs. AI may eliminate certain jobs, but IBM expects increased hiring and job vacancies. Krishna was hopeful that AI will boost programmer productivity and that it would automate lower-level work but not replace entire jobs. Read the full article here!

Airbnb is using AI to analyze the last 1.5 billion guest arrivals and identify patterns that indicate whether a booking might result in a party. If a booking raises red flags, the system can either stop it or request additional information from the user to assess their intentions. Read the full article here!

With a sleek and user-friendly interface, the iHidro app offers features like consumption monitoring, managing multiple consumption points, access to billing and usage history, and account management for electricity consumers. Read the full article here!

The investigation is prompted by concerns over Nvidia’s dominant position in the GPU market, especially in AI and gaming, and the recent spike in the use of AI applications. The investigation is in its early stages, with the intention of gathering comments to assess whether corrective measures are required. If malpractices are discovered, it could have significant implications not only for Nvidia but for the entire tech industry, affecting industries relying on AI and consumer prices for devices and services that use Nvidia chips. Read the full article here!

Microsoft Copilot is a digital assistant designed to simplify various tasks. It can interact with texts, retrieve information, enable dark mode, generate content, and more. Copilot works with Paint, Photos, and Clipchamp for image editing. Starting September 26, it was available on Windows 11, with plans to expand to Bing, Edge, and Microsoft 365. Users can restrict text access for privacy. Read the full article here!

Poland is investigating a GDPR-related complaint against ChatGPT and OpenAI. The case claims GDPR violations in lawful foundation, transparency, data access, and privacy by design. It concerns OpenAI’s handling of personal data correction requests and unconsented internet data collecting. The investigation will address these concerns and assess OpenAI’s compliance with GDPR, which may affect generative AI development in line with data protection requirements. Read the full article here!

1Password has added Passkey support for mobile apps and web extensions. Passkeys replace passwords with WebAuthn technology, generating two keys – one for the service and one for the user’s device, and uses Face ID or fingerprint sensors for identification. Service backups include phone numbers and emails. Read the full article here!

Qualcomm has extended its iPhone 5G modem supply arrangement until 2026. Despite prior attempts to design its own modems, Apple still uses Qualcomm processors. Qualcomm noted that the terms of the new agreement closely resemble the initial deal from 2019. This collaboration remains crucial for both companies, with Apple being a significant contributor to Qualcomm’s revenue. Apple Silicon, on the other hand, has minimized its reliance on third-party suppliers for modems and other components by developing its own processors. Read the full article here!

According to Filip Pierściński from CD Projekt Red, players should examine their PC’s cooling systems as the Phantom Liberty DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 may use up to 90% of their computer’s processing power. The DLC promises extensive additions and features, immersing players in a spy-thriller narrative, introducing new locations, characters, and enhancements. Phantom Liberty is set to release on September 26, 2023, on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Read the full article here!

There will be a wide range of gaming experiences available in October, and the top 5 titles include Alan Wake 2, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Sonic Superstars, and Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Read the full article here!

The Justice Department is pursuing an antitrust case against Google, alleging that it pays billions to maintain its search engine supremacy. Google claims that these payments compensate partners for ensuring timely updates and necessary maintenance, and that its popularity is due to quality rather than anticompetitive practices. The case, unlike another federal complaint, involves Google’s search operation and could have significant implications for the tech industry. If found in violation, the Judge can call for asset sales or the end of illicit practices. Read the full article here!

SAP intends to expand its business transformation suite by integrating LeanIX’s architecture mapping capabilities to provide holistic help to customers in modernizing their software stacks. The capabilities of both firms are considered as complementary in terms of simplifying technology for organizations, enabling collaboration, and offering deep business insight. The acquisition is expected to be completed in Q4, subject to standard regulatory approvals. Read the full article here!

Sony’s latest PS5 software update adds Dolby Atmos compatibility, the ability to mute the startup beep, use a second controller for game help, and expand M.2 SSD storage to 8TB. It improves the user interface, adds haptic feedback, voice commands, and enhances social functions. The update went live on September 13. Read the full article here!

By intercepting firmware updates, the Gigabyte motherboard backdoor lets hackers install malware and compromise system security. Gigabyte’s motherboard firmware downloads updates without verifying file authenticity or using secure connections, rendering it vulnerable to malicious code injection. Data theft and virus infection are hazards of this backdoor. Owners of affected motherboards should manually upgrade firmware, scan for malware, and implement remedies. Read the full article here!

The DMA covers services like social networks, messaging, search engines, and others. Companies that meet criteria such as high revenue, market capitalization, and user numbers in the EU are classed as gatekeepers. These gatekeepers must adhere to certain guidelines, such as presenting alternatives and avoiding partiality. Read the full article here!

The Chrome advertising platform “Privacy Sandbox” records users’ internet browsing to create a portfolio of advertising topics. This information is shared with web pages upon request.  Google maintains this function enhances privacy, but it replaces third-party tracking cookies, which some consider a trade-off. Chrome settings allow users to disable this function for extra privacy control, as Google plans to delete third-party Chrome cookies by 2024. Read the full article here!

Microsoft Excel now supports Python integration, allowing users to combine Python scripts with Excel formulas in a single file. This functionality is accessible in Microsoft 365 for Windows, and Python computations will be performed in the Microsoft Cloud. Python may be accessed straight from the Excel ribbon without the need for further program installation. It also contains a new PY function and access to popular Python libraries for data analysis and visualization within Excel, such as pandas, statsmodels, and Matplotlib. Read the full article here!

Nvidia’s DLSS 3.5 is a software update that aims to improve the lighting quality of all RTX graphics cards using AI-trained denoisers. It improves gaming performance while reducing reconstruction noise and keeping visual quality. This version works with all RTX cards and improves ray tracing effects. However, with extensive ray tracing, lower-end GPUs may still suffer performance limits. Read the full article here!

Apple has integrated the Linkfire marketing platform to monitor smart link engagement and tailor user experiences, and included subscriber Analytics for tracking key subscription metrics like growth, trial conversion, and revenue, as well as Delegated Delivery for releasing exclusive episodes. Read the full article here!

The first game to support the HDR10 Plus Gaming standard is “The First Descendant,” a third-person shooter developed by Nexon. This standard automatically adjusts brightness and color settings based on the connected monitor or TV, providing greater highlight and shadow details, better color reproduction, low latency, and compatibility with varied refresh rates. The platforms for HDR10 Plus Gaming support are not specified, but it may be available on PC, and this standard requires compatible screens and graphics cards. Read the full article here!

AI chatbots using language models present security risks such as “prompt injection,” misuse, racism, and allowing illicit acts. Allowing chatbots to browse the internet increases their vulnerability to attacks, including phishing and extracting sensitive information. Without proper solutions in place, AI models might be undermined even before deployment by malicious data contamination. Read the full article here!

Adobe has integrated generative AI capabilities into Adobe Express, allowing users to create personalized images and text effects using text prompts in over 100 languages. This update also includes features like automatic background removal and the use of audio for simple character animations. Adobe Express is available for free on desktop, with a Premium plan for Creative Cloud members, and an enterprise subscription for larger teams. Read the full article here!

Steam has adjusted the pricing structure for the most affordable games, ensuring that the minimum price in currencies other than USD is now “at least” the equivalent of $0.99. Furthermore, titles priced at this level will not be eligible for discounts greater than 50% off. Developers are responsible for matching their games with the new minimum base price, with DLC and add-ons having alternative options for pricing. Read the full article here!

To avoid going head-to-head with other major game launches in the crowded month of October, the release date of Alan Wake 2 has been pushed back from October 17 to October 27. Read the full article here!

Google’s AI-powered conversational feature aims to assist users and improve their understanding of the information they come across on the internet, and among the recent updates are word hovering (preview definitions and related images), the programming aid (enhanced guidance with color-coded code sections), and SGE browsing (AI-generated article outlines and quick navigation options, excluding paywalled content). Read the full article here!

September is sure to be a busy month for game releases such as Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, Starfield, Lies of P, and Mortal Kombat 1. For other notable games read the full article here!

The ownership of AI-generated photos remains unclear. It could be the AI model creator, the user who generated the photo, or the person who shared it. Various AI models, such as GANs, style transfer, and deepfakes, complicate this determination. Alongside ownership, there are ethical and legal concerns such as privacy and misuse. As the field evolves, discussions and guidelines are needed. Read the full article here!

The EU’s antitrust commissioner is investigating Adobe’s acquisition of Figma due to concerns that it might undermine the supply of tools for interactive product design and digital asset creation, potentially reducing competition. The EU fears that this deal could lead to higher prices, less innovation in the design software market, and Adobe might use its market power to sideline rival providers by combining Figma with its own software. While Adobe remains confident in the acquisition’s benefits, the inquiry is expected to cause a delay in its completion. Read the full article here!

ANIS and 138 IT enterprises in Romania have urged the government not to approve tax changes that would harm more than 80% of IT engineers. As a large percentage of the national economy, they highlight the importance of the IT sector and request in-depth consultations. The corporations argue for a gradual approach to any tax regime adjustments, giving businesses enough time to react. Read the full article here!

Windows 12 rumors have been fueled by teases at Microsoft’s Ignite 2023 and Build developer conferences. A new UI with a floating taskbar is expected, as are increased AI capabilities stemming from a collaboration between Intel, AMD, and Microsoft. AI integration could result in more tailored user experiences, enhanced security, and increased productivity. Microsoft may debut Windows 12 in the third quarter of 2024, with a broader release in 2025. Read the full article here!

Since 2006, Twitter has had a 280-character and 2m 20s video constraint, focused on short information exchange and a robust search function. It’s ad-heavy but offers revenue-sharing with influencers. “Threads,” a new Instagram-linked platform, supports 500 characters or 5 million videos and merges group chats with posts. Its search and feed features are basic. Unlike Twitter, Threads currently displays no ads, so posts can’t be promoted. Read the full article here!

Tesla and its biggest competitors, including BYD, Nio, Xpeng, and Geely, have agreed to stop “abnormal” pricing practices in China’s EV market. This decision comes after a price war badly impacted the industry, causing consumer hesitation due to the anticipation of continuous price drops. The agreement intends to stabilize the market, focus on sustainable growth, and invest in areas like research, infrastructure, and customer support, promoting the long-term adoption of EVs in China. Read the full article here!

AROBS Transilvania Software reported a 113% rise in operational revenue (133.2 million RON) and turnover (131.3 million RON) in the first quarter of 2023. This expansion was fueled by the company’s 35% organic growth, performance in Integrated Systems, and important acquisitions such as CDS GPS and SYDERAL Polska. The revenue comprised 66% software services, 21% integrated systems, and 13% software products. The company plans to boost its turnover by 40% in 2023 compared to 2022. Read the full article here!

Nvidia’s stock price fell by more than 3% as a result of prospective US limitations on AI chip exports to China. The proposed regulations may force Nvidia to get specific export licenses, addressing national security and technology misuse issues. This has the potential to disrupt global supply networks, causing business delays and increased costs. The true market impact will be determined by the eventual implementation of these restrictions. Read the full article here!

ChatGPT was blocked in Italy due to potential GDPR violations concerning user data collection. In response, OpenAI clarified its data procedures, emphasizing they use data solely to improve ChatGPT. They added transparency features, user data objection and deletion options, and clarified privacy regulations. Despite these adjustments, EU officials remain concerned about potential misuse of ChatGPT. Read the full article here!

Sony’s PS5 set a new record by selling 6.3 million units in Q1. This brings the total PS5 sales to 38.4 million, nearing the PS4’s figure of 41 million at a similar point in its lifecycle. Notably, this was achieved without a major exclusive PS5 release in Q1. Sony’s fiscal year objective is to sell 25 million PS5 units, a significant increase from the previous fiscal year’s 19.1 million units sold. In comparison, the Xbox Series X/S is expected to have sold 18.5 million copies, while the Nintendo Switch has sold 122.55 million units since 2017, however sales are slowing. Read the full article here!

Safetech Innovations has opened a US subsidiary in Reston, Virginia, marking its entry into a major global market and expanding its footprint to three continents. The move reflects the company’s global ambitions and commitment to growth. The US branch will leverage its parent company’s resources, with future plans for a local Security Operations Center. Liana-Ancuța Stancu will lead the US operations, focusing on building partnerships and assembling a local team. Safetech aspires to be a worldwide organization with integrated teams across all of its operations. Read the full article here!

Star Trek offers insights into optimized interactions with AI, emphasizing the following techniques: be clear and concise, understand AI’s limits, encourage collaboration, and use AI ethically and responsibly. These approaches not only increase AI-human interactions, but also overall communication skills. As AI integration intensifies, clear and ethical communication becomes paramount, echoing Star Trek’s exploration themes. Read the full article here!

Bittnet intends to expand across Europe, starting with the Czech Republic, because of its growing economy, skilled workforce, and increasing IT demand. Establishing a local presence offers Bittnet deeper customer insights, strong local partnerships, and easier navigation of regional regulations. By acquiring a Czech company, Bittnet seeks to leverage group strengths, optimize resources, and enhance its competitive position in the European IT sector. Read the full article here!

According to a Pew Research Center survey, 40% of 18-29-year-olds worried about their jobs being automated. AI’s efficiency in customer service and data analysis threatens low-skilled occupations but creates opportunities in tech, healthcare, and other industries. To navigate this transition, it’s important for stakeholders like policymakers and educators to invest in programs that train workers in AI-related skills and push businesses to generate AI-centric job possibilities. Read the full article here!

Roblox’s safety measures include parental controls, chat filtering, moderation, age-segregation, and reporting. Co-creating accounts with kids, discussing online safety, implementing account limitations, monitoring game history, and following platform trends can all help to increase safety. Roblox is safer for children with active parental engagement. Read the full article here!

Gen Z people are looking for companies that value them as people and provide them with opportunities to do meaningful work, grow professionally, be themselves, be part of a diverse and inclusive team, use their imagination and be rewarded for their contributions. HR professionals can better recruit and retain Gen Z employees by learning about and adopting these values. Read the full article here!

Here are the top 5 alternatives: GIMP, an open-source image editor with tools for photo retouching, composition, and authoring; Paint.NET, a Windows-based editor with an intuitive interface, layers, special effects, and undo/redo capabilities; Krita, designed for digital painting and illustrations, offers brushes, layers, and filters; Pixlr, an online editor with tools like layers, filters, and special effects; and Canva, a design tool with templates for social media and marketing. All are valuable options for those seeking free Photoshop alternatives. Read the full article here!

The “EndofDays” spyware could record calls, take pictures, and search files on iPhones. It was delivered discreetly via “invisible iCloud calendar invitations” for past events, using a “zero-click” exploit. The spyware had a self-destruct feature and tampered with calendar events, suggesting malicious email invites as a possible delivery method. Read the full article here!

Intel’s 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs will feature a 7nm manufacturing process for enhanced performance and power efficiency, a redesigned core architecture, DDR5 memory support for faster speeds, built-in AI acceleration with Deep Learning Boost technology, and an expected release in Q3-Q4 2023, marking a substantial step forward for Intel in CPU technology. Read the full article here!

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