Hidroelectrica Introduces the iHidro Mobile App

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Hidroelectrica unveiled its innovative digital tool, the iHidro mobile app, today. Featuring a sleek and user-friendly interface, iHidro is now available for Android and iOS devices, with a desktop version also accessible for computer users.

This launch underscores Hidroelectrica’s commitment to providing efficient and easily accessible solutions for electricity consumers.

Key Features of the iHidro App Include:

  1. Consumption Monitoring: On the app’s main page, users can check their current balance and swiftly access their most recent bill. They can also navigate to the consumption history chart and report self-read indices for better energy management.
  2. Managing Consumption Points: With iHidro, customers can oversee all their consumption points under contract. This enables them to monitor and control energy usage across multiple addresses conveniently and efficiently.
  3. Useful Sections: The iHidro app is neatly categorized into various sections:
    • Billing: This displays issued bills and payment history.
    • Usage: This section allows input of the self-read index and viewing consumption history.
    • My Account: Here, users can manage their profiles and personal details.
    • Services: A link to the client portal at hidroelectrica is available, and soon a link to Q Desk – the complaint and notification management application – will be added.

To download the iHidro app, please visit the Google Play Store or App Store, depending on your operating system.

About Hidroelectrica: Hidroelectrica stands as Romania’s leading green energy producer and the primary provider of technological services essential to the National Energy System. It plays a pivotal role in a strategic sector, impacting national security. The company operates 187 power stations with a hydroelectric capacity of 6.3 GW. Additionally, the Crucea wind farm, with an installed power of 108 MW, complements their portfolio.

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