Update (Clarifications) – Adobe Users Revolt Over Updated Terms of Use

Update: Adobe explained on their blog that they do not train Firefly Gen AI models on customer content, nor assume ownership of a customer’s work. Read more on Adobe’s dedicated blog post on the matter: https://blog.adobe.com/en/publish/2024/06/06/clarification-adobe-terms-of-use Adobe is currently facing significant backlash from

Women’s Safety: Erika Isac’s #GetHomeSafe Initiative

Erika Isac, a young Romanian trap singer known for her attention-grabbing lyrics in songs like “Macarena” and “Women in Parliament,” has recently announced the launch of a free service aimed at helping women in risky situations, called #GetHomeSafe. This WhatsApp service allows

AI Community Launches OpenLLM Romania Initiative

A major step forward for Romanian natural language processing and artificial intelligence was taken this week with the launch of the OpenLLM Romania initiative. This collaborative effort, driven largely by volunteer work from the Romanian NLP/AI community, has already produced promising initial

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