Women’s Safety: Erika Isac’s #GetHomeSafe Initiative

Image credit: #GETHOMESAFE
Image credit: #GETHOMESAFE

Erika Isac, a young Romanian trap singer known for her attention-grabbing lyrics in songs like “Macarena” and “Women in Parliament,” has recently announced the launch of a free service aimed at helping women in risky situations, called #GetHomeSafe. This WhatsApp service allows women to share their location when they feel unsafe or are in danger, providing a crucial option for immediate assistance.

In partnership with SSG, a Romanian security brand, Erika has made this service a reality. Women can call 021 9921 or fill out a form on www.gethomesafe.ro to access this protection. They can share their location when they go out and, if they feel threatened, send the word “Macarena” or the 💃🏻 emoji to receive immediate assistance from the nearest intervention team.

According to the National Statistics Institute, 1 in 4 women in Romania have experienced physical abuse, highlighting the urgent need for such a service. Unfortunately, there are no available statistics on street harassment, underscoring the hidden nature of this issue.

This initiative is a powerful example of how technology can enhance everyday safety. We applaud the effort and hope that, over time, we’ll bring you better news about overall safety in Romania and all around the world. 

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