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Welcome to How About Tech, your go-to source of valuable insights and innovative ideas in the world of technology. Our mission is simple: to deliver insightful tech news with unwavering objectivity and lightning speed. We understand the need for timely and impartial information in today’s fast-paced tech landscape, and we’re here to meet that demand.

 What Sets Us Apart

At How About Tech, we take pride in our prompt, unbiased reporting. We bring you the latest in tech as it unfolds, ensuring you’re always in the know. Our commitment to objectivity means you can trust us to deliver the news without bias or spin, so you can form your own opinions and make informed decisions.

 For Every Tech Enthusiast

Our content caters to the entire tech community, from beginners to full-stack experts. We’re not just a news source; we’re a hub for tech enthusiasts. Tech companies are welcome to publish their news on our community portal and even host events here. How About Tech is where the tech world converges.

 The Genesis

How About Tech was born out of a simple yet profound idea: to create a tech news portal that collates worldwide tech news comprehensively and delivers it rapidly. But it’s more than that. We also provide a platform for local IT communities to share their groundbreaking ideas.

 The HAT Community

Our dynamic HAT community serves as a front-runner, shedding light on the profound impact of technology on various facets of our existence – from culture to the intricate landscapes of business, the frontiers of science, and the dimensions of design.

We’re not just global; we’re local. How About Tech is committed to building and nurturing tech communities across Romania.

The Tone of voice

Our tone of voice strikes a balance between technical expertise and casual conversation. We aim to make tech accessible and engaging for all.

 Covering It All

At How About Tech, we leave no tech topic unturned. From AI and cybersecurity to gadgets, software, and startups, we’ve got it all covered.

Our Team

Behind How About Tech is a dedicated team of tech enthusiasts with over 15 years of expertise. We’re here to serve your tech cravings.

Trust and Credibility

Trust and eligibility are our guiding principles. We’re here to provide you with the news you can rely on.