Windows 12 in Q3 – 2024

There have been numerous rumors this year regarding the development of Windows 12. Despite no official confirmation from Microsoft, there have been several clues indicating that it might be in the works.

Microsoft accidentally teased a version of its operating system with a floating taskbar at the company’s Ignite 2023 conference. It is believed to be part of internal testing exploring new design changes for the upcoming Windows.

A clue was revealed at the 2023 Build developer conference through a screenshot of a video mentioning a “next generation” of Windows. Many speculate that this is an allusion to Windows 12 and not a solely cloud-based Windows 11, which is promising.

What’s new?

First of all, a refreshed UI with a floating bar.

We can expect some exciting developments in the world of AI and operating systems. Intel, AMD, and Microsoft are collaborating since March 2023 to provide advanced AI capabilities to Windows. This collaboration could potentially bring significant improvements to the Windows operating system, making it more intuitive and responsive to users’ needs.

Some possible benefits of integrating AI into Windows include:

  • More personalized experiences for users, as AI can learn from user behavior and preferences to provide customized recommendations and suggestions.
  • Improved security, as AI can quickly identify and respond to potential threats.
  • Increased efficiency, as AI can automate tasks and streamline workflows.

Rumor has it that Microsoft plans to launch Windows 12 in the third quarter of 2024, with a wider release in 2025, following a similar pattern to the Windows 11 release in 2021.

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