Steam reveals new pricing strategy

Steam store cover and logo

Steam has announced changes to the pricing structure of the most affordable games available on the platform. Valve is adjusting the lowest price tier for games in currencies other than USD, aligning them with the revised rates that the company unveiled in October 2022.

The basic $0.99 USD price threshold remains unchanged. However, adjustments are being made to the minimum price points in other currencies to ensure consistency. The new minimum price for games in currencies such as Pounds and Euros must now be “at least” the equivalent of $0.99.

Furthermore, games priced at the minimum of $0.99 or its equivalent will be restricted from receiving discounts exceeding 50% off at any given time. Valve provides an example, stating that a product in the $1.99 USD tier may be discounted up to 75% off, while a product in the $4.99 USD tier may have a discount of up to 90% off.

Valve has now entrusted developers worldwide with the responsibility of aligning their games with this newly established minimum base price. Games and DLC’s that utilize outdated price points might even become unavailable for purchase in certain global regions. 

The application of this minimum price doesn’t seem to extend to DLC and additional add-ons. Valve provides alternatives for developers who find it “necessary” to offer content below the $0.99 price threshold, so there remains a possibility that DLC’s could still be acquired at reduced prices.

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