Retro Gaming on IOS: The Delta Emulator Expands iPhone Capabilities


The introduction of the Delta emulator for iPhones marks a significant enhancement for Apple users looking to engage with classic video games. Delta allows for the emulation of popular gaming consoles including the NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy, GBA, and Nintendo DS, making these classic games accessible on the most personal device — your iPhone.

One of the standout features of Delta is its compatibility with AirPlay, enabling users to stream games directly to an Apple TV or even a computer. This feature effectively transforms your mobile screen into a dynamic controller while the gameplay unfolds on a larger display. Users also have the option to enhance their gaming experience by connecting a Bluetooth controller, such as the PS5’s DualSense controller, to their iPhone. This setup not only mimics traditional gaming environments but also optimizes control and responsiveness.

Testing this setup reveals a seamless integration between the iPhone, Apple TV, and an external controller. The process is straightforward: the most time-consuming step is the initial pairing of the Bluetooth controller, which only takes a few seconds. Once configured, the gameplay is smooth, with no noticeable lag, and the graphics render beautifully on bigger screens.

For gaming purists, the tactile feel of a real controller often surpasses the touch controls offered on a smartphone. While Delta’s touchscreen controls are competently designed, the physical buttons of a controller provide a more intuitive gaming experience, particularly for games originally designed for a TV screen.

The addition of such a feature significantly enhances the utility of the Delta emulator, not just as a novelty but as a practical tool for both solo and multiplayer gaming scenarios. The current state of iOS emulators like Delta is promising, suggesting a robust future for mobile gaming that honors its rich, pixelated past.

Delta emulator is available now in Asia and US region and is expected to be soon available in Europe.

Download the emulator from App Store:

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