Romania’s First Data Hub for Marketing Professionals

Publicis Groupe Romania, the country’s largest marketing, communication, and digital transformation group, has officially launched This platform is Romania’s first data hub aimed at marketing professionals, designed to provide access to a plethora of essential information for data-driven business decisions. The new platform features a wide range of resources, real-time data exploration, case studies, report examples, articles, and even a data dictionary that clarifies specific terminology.

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Which award is more popular in Romania’s marketing sector: household appliances or vacations? Now, marketers can find answers to these questions and many more by visiting the new platform daily. The platform aims to be a valuable online destination for marketing professionals who want to base their decisions on concrete data. is an essential tool for marketing professionals, granting them access to constantly updated critical information, vital for decision-making in an ever-evolving landscape. This dynamic platform is a benchmark in the evolution of the communication market, and we are proud to offer this valuable resource to professionals in Romania,” said Ilinca Nițu, Data Intelligence Business Growth Director at Publicis Groupe Romania.

Over the past three years, all the research, monitoring, and analyses undertaken by the Data Intelligence team, interpreting a large volume of consumer signals, have led to the creation of a robust database tailored to address specific marketing goals. We thank our partners as each collaboration has contributed to this endeavor. We felt it was time to share some of this know-how, ensuring a cyclic nature in educating about data-driven decision-making,” added Rodica Mihalache, Data Intelligence Lead at Publicis Groupe Romania.

The platform offers over 40 Data Intelligence solutions focusing on brand positioning, business insights, communication effectiveness, and consumer intelligence. These solutions are currently relevant for 48 industries.

Launching the first data hub for marketing professionals is a natural progression of our continuous efforts to support the development of marketing, sales, and business strategies with measurable outcomes based on data. We firmly believe in a future of decisions and creativity driven by data, and, with its comprehensive solutions and updates ensuring information relevance, is the foundation we are laying for this future,” remarked Ștefan Iordache, Chief Operating Officer of Publicis Groupe Romania. provides daily updates of the various solutions presented, making it a useful tool for those in the marketing field. Information is available on and also in the dedicated periodic newsletter, which everyone is invited to subscribe to for more detailed insights.

Publicis Groupe Romania, with over 25 years of presence in the local market, stands as the largest marketing, communication, and digital transformation group in the country, harmonizing Creativity and Technology.

Publicis Groupe Romania’s portfolio includes some of the world’s most influential marketing and communication agencies: Publicis, Publicis Relations, Leo Burnett, Saatchi&Saatchi, The Geeks, MSL The Practice, MSL Consultants, Zenith, Starcom, and Spark Foundry.

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