Safetech Innovations opens a US subsidiary

Safetech Innovations opens a US subsidiary
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Safetech Innovations US, Inc. marks an important milestone in the company’s expansion strategy. By opening a subsidiary in the USA, Safetech Innovations S.A. is tapping into one of the world’s largest markets, which presents a wealth of opportunities for growth and development.

The location of the new entity, in Reston, Virginia, is strategic, as it is in close proximity to Washington D.C., the capital of the USA. This will enable Safetech Innovations US, Inc. to establish strong connections with government agencies and other key stakeholders.

The fact that Safetech Innovations S.A. owns 67% of the capital stock of the established subsidiary highlights the company’s commitment to the success of its US operations. With the opening of the US branch, Safetech Innovations S.A. now has a presence in three different continents, which demonstrates the company’s global reach and ambition. This expansion is a testament to the strength of Safetech Innovations S.A.’s business model and the dedication of its management team.

Moving forward, Safetech Innovations US, Inc. will focus on building strong relationships with clients and partners in the USA, while leveraging the expertise and resources of its parent company to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of the American market. The US entity will be led by Liana-Ancuța Stancu, who will hold the position of Director and thus coordinate the operations of the Company’s UK and US subsidiaries. In the coming months, the entity’s activity will focus on operationalization aspects, such as account opening, authorization, hiring two people, one expert in sales and another in pre-sales, and concluding partnerships with local vendors.

Technical services will be provided from Romania, as well as from the UK, to the extent possible, and in the future a local Security Operations Center will be created, which will be operated by a local technical team which will be aligned with the other teams from Romania, Great Britain and the United Arab Emirates. The Company’s objective is to become a global organization by creating sales, technical and pre-sales teams in each location where it has established subsidiaries.

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