Update: Significant Cyber Attack Targets CertSIGN, Romania’s Digital Signature Firm

CertSign has restarted its activity, initially with some of its clients, and in the following days it will resume normal activity.

First article:

In a recent turn of events, CertSIGN, the IT firm renowned for managing electronic signatures in Romania, became the target of a substantial cyber-attack. As a response to this cyber threat, the Authority for the Digitalization of Romania (ADR) has made several clarifications:

  • Direct Impact: The platforms run by the ADR were not directly affected by this cyber onslaught. As a result, the data of citizens and entities stored within these applications remains uncompromised.
  • Precautionary Measures: For security reasons and pending further investigation into the issue, the ADR has temporarily halted the issuance of electronically certified documents through CertSIGN’s solution.
  • Service Disruptions: Several services offered by the ADR’s platforms rely on the certification services provided by CertSIGN. These services are crucial for validating documents exchanged between the Authority and individuals, corporations, or other public institutions. Currently, these services remain inaccessible due to reasons beyond the ADR’s control.
  • Ongoing Communication: The ADR has emphasized that they are in regular dialogue with both the National CyberInt Center under the Romanian Intelligence Service and CertSIGN. This collaboration aims to monitor and address the situation.

Given the gravity of such cyber threats, it remains essential for institutions and individuals alike to stay vigilant and prioritize digital security.

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