Bethesda’s Starfield loses a stalwart – Pete Hines steps down after 24 years

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Pete Hines, an iconic member of Bethesda’s gaming legacy, bids farewell to the company after a remarkable 24-year journey. Widely recognized for his key role in bringing titles like Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and Starfield to life, has resigned as head of publishing and senior vice president.

Hines’ retirement comes at a significant juncture, right after the highly anticipated launch of Starfield last month, the sprawling space-based action role-playing game that has already received critical acclaim. This game, described as “Skyrim in space” by game director Todd Howard, marked Bethesda’s first foray into a new universe in over a quarter of a century.

Hines expressed in a statement that, while leaving Bethesda was not an easy decision, it was the right moment for him, especially in the wake of Starfield’s successful debut. He intends to use his newfound freedom to explore personal interests, donate and “taking more time to enjoy life”.

Pete’s LinkedIn post

Pete Hines, often seen as the face of Bethesda’s blockbuster franchises, such as Fallout, has been an active presence not only in interviews, conference appearances, and press events, but also on social media. He’s known for engaging in fun activities, such as crafting fake doctor notes, in the run-up to Starfield’s release, all while assuming the notorious “Uncle Pete” character.

Bethesda issued a brief statement in response to Hines’ resignation, recognizing his significant contribution in shaping the company’s ethos. “Pete’s public presence was only a small part of his role at Bethesda, although the way he represented us carried into the values he nurtured here: authenticity, integrity and passion. His contributions have been integral in building Bethesda and its family of studios into the world-class organization that it is today.”

Not to mention that Bethesda is now part of Microsoft, which just a few days ago completed its massive $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Hines’ retirement follows another significant executive exit in the gaming industry, with Unity CEO John Riccitiello also stepping down this month.

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