Adobe launches generative AI features

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After several months in beta testing, Adobe is currently in the process of introducing AI-powered functionalities to Adobe Express. This comprehensive cloud-based design platform is getting the full capabilities of the company’s Firefly generative AI model.

Designed to facilitate content creation for individuals lacking professional design expertise, Adobe Express (previously referred to as Adobe Spark) offers a range of swift and straightforward templates, that enable users to create social graphics, posters, video edits, embellish PDFs, and perform various other creative tasks.

The most recent version of Express is now accessible to users via desktop web without any charge, and there are intentions to introduce this updated version to mobile devices in the near future. For current Creative Cloud members, the Adobe Express Premium plan, valued at $9.99 per month, is provided without any additional charges, offering access to extra premium features and resources. Additionally, an Adobe Express enterprise tier is accessible for larger teams that require collaborative workflows.

Adobe Express’s generative AI capabilities have been in the works since June of this year. In this recent rollout, users of Express gain the ability to create personalized images and text effects through text prompts across more than 100 languages. The latest version of Express also incorporates swift functionalities such as automatic background removal and the utilization of audio to produce simple character animations. 

Here is the full list of features.

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