Samsung reveals the first HDR10 Plus game

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Two years ago, Samsung unveiled the new HDR10 Plus Gaming standard, a new benchmark that enables games to automatically adjust their brightness and color settings based on the capabilities of the connected monitor or TV, much like the feature provided by Sony’s PS5 for certain Sony Bravia TVs. This is expected to result in improved highlight and shadow details, as well as better precision in color reproduction. This procedure automates what is frequently a manual calibration, which involves working with sliders until a logo on a white or black background becomes barely visible. Samsung also highlighted that HDR10 Plus Gaming boasts low latency and works perfectly with variable refresh rates.

Now Samsung has revealed that the launch of the debut game to incorporate the HDR10 Plus Gaming standard is drawing near. This game is “The First Descendant,” a third-person shooter developed by Nexon and offered as a free-to-play title. The game is set to enter an open beta phase on September 19th.

Samsung’s doesn’t indicate the platforms on which the game will incorporate HDR10 Plus Gaming support. However, it might be PCs as opposed to consoles, primarily due to the absence of any announcements from Sony or Microsoft regarding the inclusion of this cutting-edge HDR format on their platforms. On PC, Nvidia revealed its intention to integrate support for HDR10 Plus Gaming into its RTX and 16-series graphics cards on November 2022.

To use HDR10 Plus Gaming you will need a compatible PC as well as an HDR10 Plus Gaming-compatible screen. Samsung has indicated that its recent premium TVs and Odyssey gaming monitors already feature this support. Nvidia’s announcement from the previous year also outlines that certain Amazon, Panasonic, TCL, and Vizio TVs are capable of compatibility.

In addition to adopting the HDR10 Plus Gaming standard, Nvidia has recently revealed that The First Descendant will also incorporate its DLSS 3 upscaling technology.

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