Uber Partners with Tesla to Incentivize Drivers Towards Electric Vehicles

Tesla and Uber Partnership
Image credit: Pexels

To encourage its drivers to switch to electric vehicles, Uber has announced exclusive incentives for its drivers for the purchase of Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y. This initiative, which includes incentives of up to $2,000, is designed to complement the existing federal tax credits available for electric vehicles.

Andrew Macdonald, Senior Vice President for Mobility and Business Operations at Uber, explained the rationale behind this initiative. “We’ve heard from our drivers that cost and access to convenient charging are the two main barriers preventing them from switching to electric vehicles,” he said. “We’re working with Tesla to address both issues.”

Under this initiative, drivers can use a referral code to purchase the vehicles directly from Tesla. To qualify, drivers must purchase and receive their vehicle by March 31 and complete 100 trips by May 15.

Additionally, Uber has initiated test drive events at Tesla dealerships, allowing drivers to experience these electric vehicles first-hand. This initiative is currently limited to the United States, but there are expectations for its expansion in the future.

Uber has also started data sharing with Tesla in the United States, beginning with New York. This collaboration focuses on identifying areas where Uber drivers most urgently need charging infrastructure. This partnership is a strategic move to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles among Uber drivers by addressing key concerns like charging availability.

Tesla has announced plans to start constructing a new vehicle model this year, expected to be priced around $25,000/€25,000. This move could further lower the barriers to electric vehicle adoption, making it more accessible for a broader range of drivers. The offer is available in US for now but is expected to be announced in other parts of the world later this year.

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