Growth in Car Registrations in Romania: June 2024 Analysis

Dacia, leader in car sales in Romania
Image credit: Unsplash

In June 2024, Romania witnessed a significant surge in new car registrations, marking an impressive increase of 62.13% compared to June 2023. The total number of new vehicles registered reached 21,358 units for the month.

Year-to-Date Overview

For the first half of 2024, new car registrations totaled 83.505 units, reflecting a 13.11% rise from the same period in 2023, which recorded 73,645 units. This substantial growth indicates a robust recovery and increasing consumer confidence in the automotive market.

Second-Hand Car Market Trends

The market for second-hand cars also showed positive trends. In June 2024, there were 25,550 second-hand cars registered for the first time in Romania, up by 2.24% from June 2023. Over the first six months of 2024, second-hand car registrations reached 151,546 units, representing a 22.76% increase compared to 123,443 units during the same period in 2023. This growth suggests a sustained interest in pre-owned vehicles among Romanian consumers.

Leading Car Brands

  • Dacia dominated the market for new cars in the first half of 2024, with 26,018 units sold.
  • Toyota followed with 7,088 units, and
  • Renault came in third with 5,811 units.

Other notable brands included:

  • Skoda: 5,779 units
  • Hyundai: 4,852 units
  • Volkswagen: 4,677 units
  • Ford: 3,630 units
  • Suzuki: 2,878 units
  • Mercedes: 2,695 units
  • BMW: 2,505 units

This data highlights the competitive landscape of the Romanian automotive market, with a strong preference for both local and international brands.

The first half of 2024 has been a period of remarkable growth for the automotive industry in Romania. Both new and second-hand car markets have experienced significant increases in registrations, indicating a healthy and dynamic market environment.

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