The Lowest Cost of Living in the EU – Romania’s Economic Edge 

In the first half of the year, Romania stands out with the lowest cost of living among EU member states, recording a score of 38.4. 

Surpassing countries like Bulgaria (40.3) and even non-EU nations such as Montenegro (42.4), Serbia (40.5), and Albania (40.4), Romania finds itself positioned just above Bosnia (36.7), Belarus (36.3), and the Republic of Moldova (35.9). 

Notably, it holds a significant advantage over North Macedonia (32.5) and Russia (32.1).

However, when it comes to purchasing power (47.5), Romania lags behind, only surpassing Greece (41.4). 

It’s important to note that the reference point of 100 represents the cost of living in New York. This data provides a fascinating snapshot of Romania’s economic landscape, showcasing both affordability and economic strength in an EU context.

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