Google’s important trial begins

The Justice Department’s significant antitrust case against Google began in court today, initiating a trial that is expected to span several months and has the potential to disrupt the technology industry. The Justice Department is trying to prove that Alphabet’s Google pays

Microsoft is integrating Python in Excel

Microsoft unveiled the public preview of Python integration in Excel. This feature gives spreadsheet power users the ability to merge scripts written in the widely-used Python language with their customary Excel formulas within a single workbook. “Now you can do advanced data

Apple unveils new creator tools for Apple podcasts

Today, Apple unveiled fresh enhancements to its podcast creator tools. Among the standout features is the introduction of Subscription Analytics within Apple Podcasts Connect, the hub through which podcasters monitor their audience’s interactions with their content. Furthermore, Apple is extending its Delegated

Adobe launches generative AI features

After several months in beta testing, Adobe is currently in the process of introducing AI-powered functionalities to Adobe Express. This comprehensive cloud-based design platform is getting the full capabilities of the company’s Firefly generative AI model. Designed to facilitate content creation for

OpenAI has unblocked access to ChatGPT in Italy

OpenAI has restored access to its ChatGPT chatbot in Italy, nearly a month after the Italian Data Protection Authority demanded that the company stop collecting users’ personal information through the chatbot. The regulator claimed that the chatbot was in potential violation of

Safetech Innovations opens a US subsidiary

Safetech Innovations US, Inc. marks an important milestone in the company’s expansion strategy. By opening a subsidiary in the USA, Safetech Innovations S.A. is tapping into one of the world’s largest markets, which presents a wealth of opportunities for growth and development.