Microsoft is gearing up to launch a mobile gaming store

Xbox controller and main unit

Microsoft’s gaming division has set its sights on the mobile gaming market. According to Bloomberg, Xbox is currently in discussions with potential partners to establish a mobile gaming store.

During an interview at the CCXP comics and entertainment convention in Sao Paulo, Xbox’s Phil Spencer emphasized the significance of mobile gaming in their strategy. He mentioned that they are actively collaborating, not only independently but also engaging in discussions with potential partners who share the desire for increased options in monetizing on mobile phones. Furthermore, Phil Spencer says that one of the driving factors behind the substantial and costly acquisition of Activision Blizzard King was the company’s robust foothold in the mobile gaming market, demonstrated by successes like Candy Crush and Call of Duty Mobile.

Xbox has consistently aimed to extend the reach of its subscription services. In line with this strategy, Microsoft broadened Game Pass availability to 11 additional Latin American countries, resulting in a notable uptick in customer numbers. Phil Spencer notes that Peru and Costa Rica contribute to nearly half of the new sign-ups. He underscores the significance of Brazil’s gaming market, highlighting it as the second-largest market for PC Game Pass globally. Spencer argues that “in many ways Brazil leads a lot of the trends that we see globally.”

While Microsoft holds considerable influence in the gaming industry, its entry into the mobile gaming market will not be unopposed, with established players like Apple and Alphabet Inc already in the arena. Although no specific launch date is provided for the mobile store, Phil Spencer expresses confidence that its arrival is not many years into the future.

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