Figma and Adobe End Acquisition Plans Amid Regulatory Challenges

Figma and Adobe had announced plans for an acquisition 15 months ago. This move was seen as a significant consolidation in the digital design industry, aiming to combine the strengths of both companies to better serve their respective communities.

However, the journey towards this ambitious merger has come to an unexpected halt. After an extensive and challenging 15-month regulatory review process, Figma and Adobe have jointly decided to terminate the pending acquisition. Despite their concerted efforts, including thousands of hours working with global regulators to explain the differences between their businesses, products, and market roles, the companies could not secure the necessary regulatory approval.

Despite the uncertainty shadowing the acquisition, Figma demonstrated remarkable resilience and growth. The company not only continued to deliver for its community but also accelerated its pace of innovation. Over the past 15 months, Figma introduced new products aimed at simplifying the process of ideation, design, and software development. Notable among these are its first native AI features, Dev Mode, Variables, and Advanced Prototyping. Additionally, Figma expanded its global presence by opening new hubs in the UK and Asia, hosting the successful Config IRL event in San Francisco, acquiring AI startup Diagram, and growing its team with over 500 new members, affectionately known as ‘Figmates’.

With the acquisition no longer on the horizon, Figma reaffirms its founding vision to “eliminate the gap between imagination and reality.” Acknowledging the shift from a physical to a digital economy and the rapid advancements in AI, Figma sees its goals as more urgent and attainable than ever. The company’s focus is now on enabling seamless design and development of digital products on a unified multiplayer canvas, from conception to production.

As an independent entity, Figma is enthusiastic about exploring potential partnerships with Adobe and other players in the industry. Emphasizing their commitment to innovation and community support, Figma looks forward to a future brimming with possibilities and assures its community that its most innovative and successful days are still ahead.

Read here the official press release form Dylan Field Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Figma.

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