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As the business landscape undergoes constant transformation, the Biz Conference stands as a local beacon for industry professionals looking to navigate the evolving world of marketing and communication, providing a platform for experts, thought leaders, and practitioners to share insights and strategies for the months and years ahead.

As new rules and strategies are rewritten in real time, the event emphasized experiential marketing as a guiding force for businesses. The belief in moving towards a vision step by step aligns with the recognition that experiential marketing’s power resides in producing immersive and memorable brand experiences.

Navigating through change

There’s a palpable sense of urgency to adapt and innovate to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. As such, the Media and Marketing Day uncovered responsible campaigns, creative strategies, and effective initiatives. The feel-good revolution was highlighted with the emergence of new social media applications like BeReal, emphasizing positivity and emotional support in online spaces.

Aside from AI, virtual and augmented reality, agility, social media strategy, and the future influence of Web 3.0, today’s keywords included empathy, honesty, and authenticity.

Hey Topics

  • Adapting with experiential marketing
  • Feelgood revolution on social media
  • Future trends in marketing
  • Creative insights and AI-driven marketing
  • TV vs. Digital

My favorites

  • Influencers seem to know everything, yet still seek public opinion, and that points to the complexity of today’s digital interactions.
  • “My music is like sewing a soul with a needle that has no thread in it.”
  • Things are new, but they are old at the same time, as we are the same.
  • A difficult environment greatly stimulates creativity.
  • The war narrative has long been used in marketing.
  • Do it now, do it with passion, and make your content unskippable.
  • Faster, better, cheaper; this is the future!

Amazing Speakers

Today’s speakers included important media and marketing figures:

  • Adrian Despot, Musician, Music Producer, TV & Radio Host
  • Tiberiu Mercurian, Marketing Director, Alpha Bank Romania & Cultural Entrepreneur
  • Sergiu Mircea, Executive Director, Marketing and Communication at Banca Transilvania
  • Liliana Bock, Brand Manager, Maresi Foodbroker
  • Hortensia Năstase, Vice-President, Lowe Groupe
  • Andrei Dunuță, Sales & Public Speaking Trainer
  • Călin Clej, Marketing Director HONOR
  • Anamaria Băjan, Business Development Director, Cristim Family Holding
  • Alexandra Moisescu, Brand & Marketing Manager, 5 to go
  • Mihai Dobrovolschi, Managing Partner, Radio Guerilla
  • Mihai Gongu, Executive Creative Director SEE, Cheil Worldwide & Member of the Cheil Global Creative Council
  • Miruna Dumitrescu, Group Creative Director, Publicis
  • Cosmin Baba, Creative Director, Oxygen
  • Mihai Fetcu, Creative Director, Cohn & Jansen
  • Roxana Niță, Executive Creative Director, DDB Romania
  • Anca Nelersa, Head Of Campaigns & Creative Lab, Tazz
  • Claudiu Dobriță, Creative Partner THE NEW
  • Valentin Suciu, Co-Founder & CCO Jam Session Agency
  • Dan Șendroiu, Head of Strategy Friends TBWA
  • Claudia Chirilescu, Spoon
  • Ruxandra Micșunescu, Founder, Line Agency

Despite the growing reliance on technology, it’s the people behind the brands that truly make a difference. This human-centric approach is becoming essential in a world increasingly dominated by digital interfaces.

Award-winning professionals, such as Mihai Gongu and Miruna Dumitrescu, discussed the integration of strategy and creativity, revealing insights into what makes a campaign successful locally and internationally, along with a shared sentiment of always being in the trenches, underlines the high-stakes nature of modern marketing, where agility, adaptability, and crisis management are key, reflecting the broader societal challenges we face.

The debate on TV versus digital media highlights the complementary nature of these platforms. While digital allows for customization, TV adds a layer of trust and widespread reach; as such, both are essential in a well-rounded marketing strategy.

Painting the full picture, today’s Biz Conference outlined a future where marketing is an intricate blend of human insight, technological advancement, and creative resilience. In this fast-paced world, the ability to adapt and connect on a human level remains the cornerstone of success. As these industry leaders suggest, the future of marketing lies in harmonizing the digital with the personal, the innovative with the traditional. 

This being said, let’s be true to ourselves, in order to be true to our work!

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