Tech Talks by UPT: Garry Kasparov’s Augmented Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

Image credit: HowAbout.Tech

Tech Talks by UPT– the most important tech conference in Romania organized by a university, brought together in the 2024 edition top experts in the AI industry, opinion leaders, experts in banking and automotive, as well as journalists, speakers and activists preoccupied with the ethics and good practices of using technology in service of humanity.  

Under the theme “AI for Humanity,” the conference attracted a curious and engaged audience to Timișoara for a day of insightful discussions and explorations of AI’s societal impact. Attendees were guided by experienced speakers offering thought-provoking perspectives.

Garry Kasparov, the legendary chess champion who famously contended with IBM’s Deep Blue, now the chairman of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation and a globally renowned author, delved into the rapid development of AI and its implications for our lives. With optimism, he expressed his faith in humanity’s innate power to create, innovate, and play. Kasparov suggested adopting the term “Augmented Intelligence” instead of “Artificial Intelligence,” likening AI’s role to that of a telescope bringing distant stars closer. As a pro-democracy activist, he urged the audience to combat glaring injustices, such as the war in Ukraine, as part of exercising our human rights and freedoms.

Andreas Ekström, Swedish tech journalist, author of “The Google Code,” and a distinguished speaker and educator on digital matters, offered his unique perspective on the relationship between Organic Intelligence—innate human intelligence—and Artificial Intelligence, positioning AI as a valuable enhancement. He infused a poignant human touch into the conversation on AI’s influence on software development and technological innovation.

Cornel Amariei, CEO and co-founder of DotLumen, presented the journey of their flagship product, .lumen glasses, designed for visually impaired individuals. Highlighting its prestigious Red Dot: Luminary award in 2021, Amariei demonstrated how AI can drive accessible innovation in crucial life areas. He emphasized that real success lies in finding meaning and then earning money.

Mihai Drăghici, CEO and founder of PayByFace, a company specializing in secure biometric payment solutions, shared personal insights on effectively harnessing AI. He championed the idea of Intelligent Humans with Intelligent Tools, asserting that the best way to predict the future is to create it.

The third edition of the Tech Talks conference, orchestrated by Politehnica University of Timișoara, was supported by an array of sponsors including Linde, BCR, Nokia, Flex, Continental, BRD, Newpharma Development, Draxlmaier, Atos, Opswat, Huf, and ING.

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