Spotify Announces Its Third Round of Layoffs in 2023

The renowned music streaming giant Spotify, has announced a new substantial reduction in its workforce. The company has declared that it will cut its total workforce by nearly 17% – a reduction that translates to approximately 1,500 of its 9,000 employees. This decision comes on the heels of previous layoffs conducted by Spotify, which saw 6% of its staff being let go in January and an additional 2% in June.

These reductions are largely attributed to escalating costs faced by the company.

Despite these workforce reductions, Spotify has shown signs of strong financial health. In the third quarter, the company notably returned to profit, an achievement credited to strategic price increases for its streaming services and a consistent rise in subscriber numbers across all regions. This positive trend is not showing signs of slowing down.

Spotify forecasts that by the end of the fourth quarter, its monthly listener count will reach an impressive 601 million.

This development is yet another indicative of the volatile nature of the tech industry, where companies must continuously adapt to changing market dynamics and operational costs.

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