Poșta Română used in Phishing Campaign

Credit: Posta Romana

Poșta Română, the national postal service of Romania, has recently fallen victim to a new wave of phishing attacks. The company announced on Thursday that both customers and non-customers are receiving deceptive SMS messages as part of this campaign.

These fraudulent messages lure individuals to a website where they are prompted to divulge their personal and banking information. Poșta Română has clarified that its official communication channels do not request such sensitive data via SMS. The company emphasized that any legitimate SMS messages sent to customers would only provide information about where parcels can be collected.

This incident highlights an increasing trend of cybercriminals using the names of trusted institutions to exploit internet users. Poșta Română’s statement revealed that the victims of this phishing campaign are chosen randomly. This includes not only the customers of the National Company “Poșta Română” but also individuals who do not use postal services.

The company urges the public to be vigilant and to verify the authenticity of any communication claiming to be from Poșta Română. Users are advised to avoid clicking on suspicious links or providing personal information in response to unsolicited messages.

This alert serves as a reminder of the constant need for caution in the digital age, where cyber threats continue to evolve and pose challenges to both individuals and organizations.

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