OpenAI in Turmoil: Shareholders Rally to Reinstate Sam Altman Amidst Staff Exodus

Recent developments at OpenAI have taken a dramatic turn as shareholders, including major backers like Microsoft and investment fund Thrive Capital, are making efforts to overturn the dismissal of CEO Sam Altman. This move comes after a number of researchers announced their intention to leave the company in solidarity with Altman.

According to Wall Street Journal, Microsoft, which has invested a substantial $13 billion in OpenAI, along with Thrive Capital, are actively working to reverse the Open AI board’s decision. 

Altman has expressed his willingness to return, but with a condition: the appointment of a new board of directors. 

The attempts to reinstate Altman as CEO occur in a context where the board’s decision also led to the resignation of Greg Brockman, the president and co-founder of OpenAI. This situation has sparked a wave of resignations among the company’s researchers, who are protesting against Altman’s dismissal.

The exact reason behind Altman’s firing remains unclear, with the board merely stating that he “has not been consistently truthful in his communications, hindering the board’s ability to fulfill its responsibilities.” Microsoft initially indicated that Altman’s departure would not affect its relationship with OpenAI.

In a separate development, Altman has hinted at the possibility of starting a new company with former OpenAI employees, including those who resigned in protest over his ousting.

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