OMV Petrom to become Romania’s Largest EV Charging Network Provider, After Major Acquisition

OMV EV Charging Network
Image credit Unsplash

OMV Petrom, one of Romania’s leading oil and gas groups, has officially announced its acquisition of a 50% stake in the largest portfolio of wind energy projects in Romania from RNV Infrastructure. This portfolio is part of Electrocentrale Borzești, which includes projects in renewable energy sources with a capacity of around 1 GW, predominantly wind energy (950 MW) and the remainder in photovoltaic power.

The purchase will see OMV Petrom entering into the development of four wind parks to be constructed in the northeast region of Romania. Current estimates suggest that the photovoltaic park should start supplying electricity to the national energy system by early 2024, while the wind parks are expected to commence production gradually between 2025-2027. These projects have already been granted access to the national electric energy transmission network.

Furthermore, OMV Petrom’s acquisition of Renovatio Asset Management, a significant entity in the field of electric mobility, will position OMV Petrom as the largest player in Romania’s electric mobility sector. This acquisition will add over 400 electric vehicle charging points to the company’s existing regional network of 270 charging points, which is projected to be operational by the end of 2023.

This move by OMV Petrom is not just a significant step for the company, but also a pivotal moment for Romania’s energy sector, demonstrating a strong commitment to renewable energy and sustainable mobility solutions. The expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure underlines the growing importance of electric mobility in the region, making a substantial contribution to the country’s environmental goals and the European Union’s broader sustainability targets.

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