Microsoft Unveils Exciting New  AI Features with Latest Windows 11 Update

Windows 11 AI Updates
Image credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is expanding the capabilities of its AI-powered assistant, offering users an array of new options to control their PC more efficiently. With this update, Copilot will be empowered with new skills. 

Users will be able to ask the AI chatbot to enable battery saver mode, launch accessibility features like Narrator or Magnifier, display available Wi-Fi networks, check storage space, and even empty the recycling bin. 

These additions aim to make the digital assistant more versatile and helpful in managing day-to-day tasks on your computer.

Generative Erase in Photos and Clipchamp Enhancements

The built-in Photos app receives a noteworthy AI-powered feature, Generative Erase, allowing users to effortlessly remove unwanted objects from images with a few clicks. This tool is likened to the AI selective photo erasers available on Google and Samsung devices, providing a simple yet powerful way to enhance your photographs.

Moreover, Clipchamp, Microsoft’s video editing software, is getting an upgrade to eliminate awkward silences from videos automatically. This feature could be a game-changer for content creators, offering a streamlined editing process to produce polished, engaging videos.

Accessibility Improvements and Voice Shortcuts

Microsoft continues its commitment to accessibility with improvements aimed at making Windows 11 more user-friendly for everyone. 

The introduction of Voice Shortcuts is a significant leap forward. This new feature allows users to create custom voice commands to automate tasks using the voice access feature of Windows 11. It acts like a macro for your voice, enabling you to perform complex sequences of actions with a single command, such as opening a URL and executing various tasks automatically.

Gradual Rollout

While the update is already available, Microsoft notes that not all features will be enabled immediately. The gradual rollout ensures that users have a smooth transition to the new functionalities, with Copilot’s enhanced options expected to be fully operational by late March.

With these updates, Windows 11 is set to offer an even more intuitive, productive, and inclusive computing environment for users worldwide.

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