Microsoft Teams Unifies Personal and Work Accounts in New App

Microsoft Teams Unifies Personal and Work Accounts in New App
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Microsoft is finally addressing a long-standing request from Teams users – the ability to seamlessly switch between personal and work accounts within a single app. The software giant announced this week that it is launching a new unified version of Microsoft Teams that will allow users to easily toggle between their different accounts and tenants.

The current Microsoft Teams experience requires logging out completely and relaunching the app when switching between a personal Microsoft account and a work or school account managed by an organization. This disjointed experience has been a major pain point, especially for users who need to access multiple accounts regularly.

The new unified Teams desktop app, currently in testing, aims to solve this by introducing an account switcher built right into the profile section. With just a few clicks, users will be able to hop between their various personal and professional Teams accounts within the same application window.

Microsoft acknowledges the user feedback that drove this welcome change, stating: “We received consistent feedback from personal and work users: you prefer a single Teams app that allows you to easily access and switch between personal and work accounts.”

The unified Microsoft Teams experience begins rolling out to commercial users in April. Microsoft promises it “lets you use one app for all kinds of Teams accounts,” a boon for productivity and convenience. Personal Microsoft account users will gain access later this year.

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