Microsoft Copilot is now using GPT-4 Turbo and that saves you 20$

Microsoft Copilot-GPT-4
Image credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Copilot, the AI-driven assistant that has been enhancing productivity across various sectors, has now integrated the powerful GPT-4 Turbo. What’s even more exciting is that this advanced version of the AI model, once a premium, paywalled feature, is now available to users without the additional $20 monthly fee. This strategic move by Microsoft not only makes advanced AI technology more accessible but also reflects a significant shift in the AI industry.

What is GPT-4 Turbo?

Known for its exceptional language understanding and generation capabilities, GPT-4 Turbo is a more refined version of its predecessors. It offers enhanced accuracy, broader knowledge base, and improved contextual understanding, making it a highly coveted tool in various fields, from content creation to technical coding assistance.

Microsoft’s decision to integrate GPT-4 Turbo into Copilot marks a notable enhancement in the tool’s capabilities. Users can now enjoy a more seamless experience with improved accuracy and efficiency in tasks like coding, documentation, email drafting, and much more. This integration is not just a technical upgrade but a strategic one, positioning Microsoft Copilot as a leader in the AI-assisted workspace.

Prior to this integration, accessing GPT-4 Turbo required a subscription, costing users an additional $20 per month. However, with Microsoft’s latest move, this advanced AI technology becomes a part of Copilot’s standard offerings, eliminating the extra cost. 

This decision democratises access to cutting-edge AI, allowing a broader range of individuals and businesses to leverage its benefits without worrying about any financial constraints.

Microsoft’s move is more than just a cost-saving measure for users; it’s a statement about the future of AI. 

By making advanced AI more accessible, Microsoft is fostering a more inclusive technological environment. This step could encourage other tech giants to follow suit, potentially leading to a more competitive and innovative AI market.

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