“Live Forever” Mode: Bridging Eternity Through VR and AI

"Live Forever" Mode: Bridging Eternity Through Virtual Reality
Image credit: Unsplash

Somnium Space is taking a pretty bold step into the future with its “live forever” mode.

This cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) tool leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to craft avatars that embody the essence of a person, capturing their voice, movements, and mannerisms after just 30 minutes of observation. The purpose of these avatars is nothing short of revolutionary—to establish an “eternal connection” with family and friends, even beyond death.

Currently under testing at its Prague headquarters, Somnium Space anticipates the official release of the “live forever” mode by the end of the year. This platform will be accessible via a monthly subscription, though the pricing remains undecided. What sets this initiative apart is the avatar’s ability to participate in the Metaverse, engaging in activities like gaming, painting, attending events, and shopping. These avatars, even after the demise of the person they replicate, can continue performing activities, provided they were registered in the mode.

The concept raises intriguing questions about digital legacy and posthumous interaction. How can “heirs” of the avatar reap the benefits of its activities or access its account after the owner’s passing? Somnium Space assures users that the data used to train the avatars is stored locally on the user’s computer, yet it’s unclear what happens to this data after the user’s death.

“Live forever” mode is not just a technological innovation; it’s a profound reflection on human desire for immortality and the deep-seated need to maintain connections with loved ones, transcending the constraints of physical existence

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