Interactive Map with Dinosaurs that Lived in Your Backyard

Discover the world as it was millions of years ago with the interactive globe at This unique tool allows you to travel back in time, from the present day to as far back as 750 million years ago, offering a glimpse into different geological eras and the existence of dinosaurs.

And yes, you can check your region. Just keep in mind that in some areas you’ll have information only starting 20 million years ago. So, make sure you select different time frames from the top of the map.

The results (dinosaurus) will be displayed under the search bar.

Fun and informative for adults and kids:

  1. Time Travel: Select a time period from options like 600 million, 540 million, or 20 million years ago, and see how Earth’s continents and oceans have transformed.
  2. Key Historical Events: Jump directly to significant moments in Earth’s history, like the emergence of the first dinosaurs, the formation of supercontinents like Pangea, or major extinction events.
  3. Interactive Navigation: Use simple keyboard commands to explore different time periods.

Created by Ian Webster, this visualization leverages paleogeographic maps by C.R. Scotese of the PALEOMAP Project.

While some elements like cloud and star positions aren’t time-adjusted, the map’s coloring reflects real-world elevation and bathymetry, with detailed representations of water depths and land elevations.

Whether you’re a dinosaur enthusiast, a student of geology, or just curious about the ancient world, this tool offers an engaging and educational experience. It’s a testament to how technology can bring the distant past to life, right at our fingertips​.

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