Google Search Gets a Boost in Quality with March 2024 Core Update

Google search

Google just launched a major update aimed at improving the quality of search results. The March 2024 core update, along with accompanying spam updates, is designed to significantly reduce the amount of “unhelpful” content you’ll encounter.

This update integrates Google’s “helpful content” system into its core ranking algorithm. This means content that is deemed unhelpful or unoriginal by Google’s standards is less likely to show up on top for your searches.

According to Elizabeth Tucker, Director of Product, Search at Google, this update and previous efforts should collectively reduce low-quality content by a whopping 40%!

The update is rolling out now and may take up to a month to fully implement. This is because the March 2024 core update is more comprehensive than usual, with multiple systems being tweaked and improved.

So, the next time you search for something online, you can expect to see more relevant and helpful results at the top, thanks to Google’s latest efforts.

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