Google: More than just a rebranding from Bard to Gemini! But what’s in it for you?

Bard Gemini
Image credit: Google

Google has announced a major rebranding and expansion of its AI capabilities with the introduction of Gemini.

And no, it’s not just rebranding, Gemini comes with some exciting new features, including:

1. Dedicated Android App: Now you can access Gemini directly with its brand new Android app. Chat, ask questions, and explore its capabilities with just a tap.

2. Replace Google Assistant (Android): Set it as your default assistant on your Android device and access its power with a long press of the home button or a simple “Hey Google.”

3. Gemini Advanced: There’s a paid version called Gemini Advanced offering even more capabilities. To use Gemini Ultra, you’ll have to sign up for a Gemini Advanced subscription, which is part of the new $20-a-month Google One AI Premium plan. The subscription comes with 2TB of Google Drive storage and all the other features of the Google One subscription.

4. Conversational Overlay: Say goodbye to context-switching struggles. The new overlay integrates seamlessly with your phone, offering relevant suggestions based on what you’re doing. Need a photo description? Just snapped an article? Gemini’s got your back.

5. Unified AI Branding: Just like Microsoft’s “Copilot,” Google is streamlining its AI offerings under the Gemini name. This also includes Duet AI, reflecting the interconnectedness of their multimodal AI model.

What does this mean for you?

Gemini represents a significant step forward for Google’s AI accessibility. With its dedicated app, advanced features and mobile integration it aims to bring AI closer to your everyday life and make ir more useful. The conversational overlay will make you feel like you hired a new and better assistant. I think this is one step closer to that “Hey Computer” in Star Trek starships.

Wanna try it out? Download the Gemini app on Android or access it through the Google app on iOS. 

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