Exploring Google’s New Shopping and Search Features for Online Shopping

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This week Google has introduced an exciting enhancement to its Search and Shopping interface, designed to streamline the online shopping experience for users. 

The new feature aims to centralize discounted products from various online platforms, eliminating the need for users to install dedicated applications for this purpose.

Key Features:

  1. Unified Product Offers: The interface showcases discounted products across diverse categories such as clothing, electronics, toys, and beauty products. Users can conveniently explore reduced-price items from major retailers, manufacturers, designer brands, and even local stores.
  2. Personalized Preferences: Google’s interface allows users to save their favorite product preferences by linking their Gmail accounts. This feature ensures that users can easily access and track their preferred items, creating a more personalized and efficient shopping experience.
  3. Chrome Browser Integration: The Chrome browser has been upgraded to actively search for discount codes and display available promotional codes when users open product pages on websites. Additionally, Chrome will present recently viewed products from shopping sites under the “Resume Browsing” section when opening a new tab, and it will notify users if these products are currently on sale.
  4. Shopping Insights Label: A noteworthy addition to the address bar is the “Shopping Insights” label. This feature generates a graphical representation of the price history for a particular product over the last 90 days, providing users with valuable insights into pricing trends before making a decision.

We also tried the function, looking for a usb c hub. I would say that it works quite well. You just have to be careful to pass the first row, where there are sponsored ads but not necessarily the best offers.

Anyway, it’s November so, looking forward see how it will work on Black Friday offers.

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