Clicks Technology Unveils Keyboard Case for iPhone

Image credit: Clicks

Clicks Technology has recently introduced an inventive product: a unique iPhone case featuring an integrated keyboard. Named “Clicks,” this case is not only a breakthrough in design but also marks a new era in smartphone functionality.

The Clicks case is available at $139 for the iPhone 14 Pro model, with shipping commencing on February 1st. The iPhone 15 Pro variant is set to follow in mid-March. Additionally, Clicks Technology is accepting reservations for the iPhone 15 Pro Max model, priced at $159, expected to be released in early spring. These announcements were made ahead of the company’s showcase at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Clicks Technology was co-founded by Michael Fisher and Kevin Michaluk, known in the tech community as MrMobile and CrackBerry Kevin. Their vision was to create a product that integrates the convenience of a physical keyboard with the sleek design of modern smartphones.

The concept of a physical keyboard for iPhones is not new. Past attempts include the Typo keyboard case, backed by Ryan Seacrest, which faced legal challenges from BlackBerry for design infringement. However, Clicks stands apart with its modern and cheerful design, intentional in its approach to enhancing user experience.

The Clicks case attaches to the iPhone similarly to a Backbone controller. Users need to align the phone’s power port with the case’s connector and secure the phone within the case. This design eliminates the need for Bluetooth or an additional battery, as the case draws power directly from the phone. Notably, the case supports pass-through fast charging for the iPhone 15 Pro, a feature highlighted on the company’s website.

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