Behind the scenes: Shot on iPhone – Apple October Event

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In a totally unexpected move, Apple showcased the unrivaled potential of their iPhone 15 Pro by filming their entire October event with it. 

This was not just a simple recording; it was a cinematic show.

Behind the Scenes:

The talent behind the scenes delved deep into the process. Faced with challenging low-light conditions, the director harnessed the power of iPhone 15 Pro, treating it no less than a professional-grade camera. The results? Absolutely stunning visuals that defy the boundaries of smartphone videography.

ProRes, Apple Log, and USB-C:

Diving deeper into the technicalities, pro workflow specialists highlighted the key features that supercharge the iPhone 15 Pro’s video capabilities. They emphasized the trifecta that takes the video quality to unparalleled heights: ProRes for impeccable quality, Apple Log for greater dynamic range, and the swift USB-C for effortless transfers and edits.

But it’s not just about the tech. World-renowned colorist, Stefan Sonnenfeld, brought his expertise to the table, explaining how the iPhone 15 Pro’s footage offered him a broader canvas, granting him more freedom to create and manipulate visuals.

From Vision to Reality:

Lastly, the editing maestro spoke about the seamless transition of bringing this entire vision to life. With such powerful tools and capabilities, it’s clear that iPhone 15 Pro is not just a phone; it’s a storyteller.

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