Auto Reliability survey – EVs are grappling with 79% more problems than their gasoline counterparts  

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According to Consumer Reports’ 2023 Annual Auto Reliability survey, new EVs are grappling with 79% more problems than their gasoline-powered counterparts. This stark contrast in reliability is primarily due to challenges with charging and battery technology. Interestingly, hybrid vehicles seem to fare better, with fewer issues than gasoline ones, while plug-in hybrids experience a whopping 146% more problems.

The survey’s findings are even more telling when broken down by vehicle category. Electric pickups are currently at the bottom of the reliability spectrum, whereas compact cars, sports cars, and small pickups rank among the most dependable. This categorization highlights the varied challenges manufacturers face across different vehicle types.

Jake Fisher, Senior Director of Auto Testing at Consumer Reports, points out that for legacy automakers, EVs represent a foray into relatively uncharted territory. “For the legacy automakers, [EVs] are really new technologies, so they don’t have a lot of experience with batteries, charging, and motors,” Fisher explains. This lack of experience underpins many of the reliability issues observed.

Consumer Recommendations

Given the evolving nature of EV technology, Fisher advises consumers to consider leasing EVs instead of purchasing them. This approach allows users to benefit from technological advancements without being tied down to a rapidly aging model.

In the midst of these challenges, Tesla, led by Elon Musk, finds itself in a unique position. Ranked 14th due to issues related to body hardware, paint and trim, and climate systems, Tesla still stands out as the second-best among U.S. automakers in terms of vehicle reliability, trailing behind General Motors’ Buick.

The path of EVs is undoubtedly paved with both innovation and challenges. While they represent a significant leap forward in automotive technology, these vehicles also bring to light new reliability concerns. Hopefully, as technology evolves, so too will the reliability of these vehicles, promising a more dependable and sustainable future in transportation.

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