Apple Nears Deal with OpenAI for ChatGPT Integration on iPhone

Image credit: Unsplash - Laurenz Heymann

Tech giant Apple is reportedly close to finalizing a deal with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT features into the upcoming iOS 18 software update, according to Bloomberg. This development follows previous reports that Apple had restricted the use of ChatGPT within the company due to data security concerns. Now, the company seems to be embracing artificial intelligence (AI) more broadly, signaling a shift in its approach.

In addition to OpenAI, Apple has engaged in preliminary discussions with Alphabet, Google’s parent company, to potentially incorporate its Gemini chatbot into Apple devices. These talks are less advanced compared to the negotiations with OpenAI.

While it remains uncertain if users will be able to disable these AI features in the new OS, Apple’s push into AI does not stop with ChatGPT. The company has been actively recruiting AI experts, including hires from Google, to form a new team dedicated to machine learning and AI technologies.

Recently, Apple acquired two AI startups based in Zurich, leading to the establishment of a new “Vision Lab” in Switzerland. This move aligns with Apple’s efforts to expand its AI capabilities independently.

Furthermore, Apple’s focus on integrating advanced technology was highlighted in a recent keynote, where it introduced Octane, a 3D design software powered by the Render Network. This mention contributed to an 11% surge in the value of Render Token (RNDR), making it one of the top-performing AI tokens recently.

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