Apple Considers Google’s AI for iPhones: A Potential Industry Shift

Image credit: Unsplash - Laurenz Heymann

Apple and Google, longtime rivals, are reportedly in talks about a surprising collaboration. According to sources, Apple is considering integrating Google’s advanced AI engine, Gemini, into its iPhones. This potential deal could be a game-changer for the smartphone industry.

The negotiations reportedly focus on licensing Gemini to power new features in upcoming iPhone software updates. If successful, this agreement would signify a significant shift. Apple has traditionally developed its own AI technologies, while Google’s Gemini is known for its capabilities.

The ramifications of this deal extend beyond just better iPhones. It could signal a new era of cooperation between the tech giants, potentially accelerating advancements in AI as a whole. However, key details remain undecided. The companies haven’t settled on financial terms, branding strategies, or how exactly Gemini would be implemented on iPhones.

This potential partnership also raises concerns. Google’s AI tool would gain access to a network of more than two billion Apple devices, giving Google a significant advantage in the AI race. Additionally, a deal between these two giants would essentially extend their existing partnership for online search, which has faced criticism for limiting consumer choice and was a point of contention during the Justice Department’s antitrust case against Google.

Shares of Alphabet surged 7% in trading after the reports surfaced. Apple rose nearly 3%.

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