Women’s Safety: Erika Isac’s #GetHomeSafe Initiative

Erika Isac, a young Romanian trap singer known for her attention-grabbing lyrics in songs like “Macarena” and “Women in Parliament,” has recently announced the launch of a free service aimed at helping women in risky situations, called #GetHomeSafe. This WhatsApp service allows

Electrostatic Propulsion: A New Chapter in Space Travel?

Space exploration could enter a revolutionary era with a propellant-less propulsion system. Traditionally, propellant-based systems are essential to overcome gravity, but they come with limitations in weight and fuel capacity. The idea of a device that can produce thrust without propellant has

The Măgurele Laser: A Milestone in Scientific Innovation

After years of challenges and concerns regarding construction standards, the Măgurele Laser, situated near Bucharest, Romania, has become operational, marking a significant milestone in scientific and technological development. Operated by the French company Thales, the Măgurele Laser employs Nobel Prize-winning inventions, a

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