Google Drive Introduces Weekly File Summary Newsletters

Image credit: Pexels

Google Drive will now send newsletters summarizing information about your files. These emails will be sent if you haven’t logged into your cloud storage account in the past week and have shared files using the Share option.

It’s unclear if Google aims to reduce the “abandonment” rate of files on its servers or simply provide useful information to account holders. However, this new email newsletter might not be welcomed by everyone.

For those seeking affordable and reliable cloud storage, Google Drive meets the first criterion. Despite recent issues with lost or misplaced files, Drive remains one of the most versatile solutions on the market. Its integration with other Google services makes it almost indispensable.

In addition to offering 15GB of free storage upon account registration, Google Drive is also very convenient for file sharing. Whether you’re sending family photos from a recent vacation or sharing files with friends and business contacts via Google Drive links, you’ll now have an easy way to track the performance of those files, such as if a private link you sent to a business contact has been viewed or the file downloaded.

The good news is you can opt out of receiving Google Drive newsletters if you don’t want these weekly messages cluttering your inbox with information you don’t need. Simply access the Google Drive app, navigate to Settings – Notifications, and uncheck “Get summaries about recent files shared with you via the Drive digest.”

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