Growth in Car Registrations in Romania: June 2024 Analysis

In June 2024, Romania witnessed a significant surge in new car registrations, marking an impressive increase of 62.13% compared to June 2023. The total number of new vehicles registered reached 21,358 units for the month. Year-to-Date Overview For the first half of

Renewable Energy Leads EU Electricity Production in 2023

Last year, renewable energy became the primary source of electricity in the European Union (EU), accounting for 44.7% of the total electricity production. This significant shift highlights the EU’s commitment to transitioning towards more sustainable energy sources. Renewable energy sources generated 1.21

Claude 3.5 Sonnet Surpassing GPT-4 and Redefining AI Capabilities

Anthropic has introduced its latest groundbreaking model, Claude 3.5 Sonnet. This advanced AI system represents a significant advancement in natural language processing and computer vision capabilities, not only surpassing previous iterations but also outperforming competitors, including OpenAI’s GPT-4, in various benchmarks. Long

The Rise of “Ghost Jobs”: The New Challenge for Job Seekers

In an increasingly competitive job market, job seekers are facing a new and disheartening hurdle: “ghost jobs.” These fake job ads, proliferating across online job boards and company websites, are creating significant confusion and frustration for those looking for employment. A recent


Codecamp_Festival: Where Tech Meets Relaxation

Bringing together the expertise of top speakers from around the world with the laid-back vibes of a music festival, Codecamp_Festival is designed to offer attendees the best of both worlds. After two successful years in Bucharest, the Festival is moving to Iasi