YouTube wants a slice of the gaming world

Youtube will give Premium users on the platform the opportunity to play a collection of online games directly through either the mobile app or desktop app. The “Playables”, as Youtube calls this experimental feature, were initially introduced to a limited audience in

Nvidia launches its latest AI powerhouse, the H200

Nvidia has introduced the HGX H200 Tensor Core GPU, leveraging the Hopper architecture to enhance the acceleration of AI applications. This follows the release of the H100 GPU last year, which was previously Nvidia’s most potent AI GPU chip. The widespread deployment

Xbox unblocks access to Chromium tools for developers

Microsoft has now granted Xbox app developers the permission to leverage the Chromium-powered version of Edge to enhance their applications. The support for Microsoft Edge’s WebView2 on Xbox is currently accessible, enabling developers of Xbox media apps to integrate cutting-edge web technologies

The PC requirements for Alan Wake 2 are impressively high

The official PC requirements for Alan Wake 2, set to launch on October 27, have been unveiled. According to Remedy Entertainment, the developer, those eager to explore Alan Wake’s narrative in the decade-plus interim between games must ensure their systems meet the