Codecamp_Festival: Where Tech Meets Relaxation

Codecamp festival on how about tech
Codecamp festival on how about tech

Bringing together the expertise of top speakers from around the world with the laid-back vibes of a music festival, Codecamp_Festival is designed to offer attendees the best of both worlds.

After two successful years in Bucharest, the Festival is moving to Iasi for its third edition. In recent years, Iasi has seen remarkable growth in the IT sector, making it the perfect host for this year’s event. Save the date for October 24th, Iasi.

Covering topics from software architecture and design to artificial intelligence, Codecamp_Festival aims to gather some of the most respected figures in the industry:

  • Michael Feathers: A prominent figure in the software development community, Feathers is renowned for his expertise in legacy code, software design, and agile methodologies. He authored the influential book “Working Effectively with Legacy Code”, which is a critical resource for developers dealing with complex and outdated codebases. Through his writing, speaking, and consulting, he advocates for better practices and continuous improvement in software development.
  • Adam Tornhill: Combining a unique background in software engineering and psychology, Tornhill is known for his innovative approach to understanding and improving code quality. His book “Your Code as a Crime Scene” introduces techniques to analyze codebases using forensic psychology methods. His work provides insights into enhancing productivity and maintainability in development teams.
  • Neal Ford: A highly respected software architect, Ford has authored several influential books, including “The Productive Programmer”, “Functional Thinking”, and “Building Evolutionary Architectures”. Known for his engaging and insightful presentations, Ford emphasizes the importance of effective practices, staying current with technological advancements, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Jeff Prosise: With a strong background in Windows development, .NET, and Azure, Prosise is a valuable resource for developers working with these platforms. His books, such as “Programming Windows with MFC” and “Programming Microsoft .NET”, are widely used by developers to deepen their understanding of Microsoft frameworks and tools. Prosise is respected for his clarity and practical insights in both his writing and presentations.

The full line-up, agenda and Early Bird tickets are available on codecamp.ro

The day will begin with a keynote on the main stage, The Woodstock Stage, powered by Tremend, a company of Publicis Sapient. Subsequent sessions will take place on The Factory Stage, powered by E.ON Software Development, and The Portal Stage, powered by HTEC.

Between sessions, attendees can unwind in the Holiday Village Area, enjoying speciality coffee, cold beer, cocktails, or wine in a relaxed setting. The Soul Food Area will resemble a mini street food festival, offering various cuisines from around the world through a variety of food trucks.

The day will conclude with a concert and after-party at the venue, providing opportunities to connect, network, dance, and share drinks.

Codecamp_Festival will take place in four months, on October 24th, at Agora Center in Iasi. Early Bird tickets are available until August 15th on codecamp.ro, and here’s a special 25% discount for all of our How About Tech readers.

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